Animal Showmanship & Shows

Open Class, 4-H, and FFA participants bring their animals to compete with others in their class. Competitions are held for livestock - horse, cattle, pig, poultry, goat, and sheep as well as companion animals - dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Participants are judged for their showmanship which is evaluated by three categories, personal appearance, presentation of the animal, and preparation of the animal.

What is Open Class?

Anyone who raises animals being shown at the Brown County Fair is welcome to participate in the Open Class Division, which is separate from our 4-H and FFA divisions. Participants do not have to be Brown county residents and there is no fee for entering any competition. See the Livestock Book for more information about bringing livestock to the fair.

Get a Taste of Farm Life

Visit the Animals

Animal barns are located in the northwest corner of the BCF. Fair goers are welcome to visit animals but are asked not to touch the animals, to be respectful and to follow all posted signs. You're also encouraged to watch the numerous animal shows beginning on Thursday morning. See the fair schedule for more details.

Check Out the Ag Equipment

Whether you own a farm or not, the display of ag equipment is an impressive one. Discover some of the latest technology and new product releases. People of all ages are welcome to explore a number of the vehicles. You'll find products from local and regional dealers who are on site to answer any of your questions. Located just north of the water tower, it's hard to miss this integral portion of the fair.

Earn Bragging Rights

In addition to animal showmanship competitions, there are a number of other ag-related competitions for anyone to get involved with. From the Super Famer, to sheep handling to mutton busting and a youth rodeo. Check out the opportunities to show off your skills.